Monday, May 30, 2011

March into May??

Sorry, our computer has been out of commission for quite some time, hence no pictures this time, but at least I can write and catch up on things. School is finally out!! I had a good semester and even a better summer once grades were posted. Since March...
We went to Southern Cali for spring break. It was a great vacation. We were able to go to the San Diego Zoo and Disneyland. The kids loved the zoo and now will never be satisfied with our little Sierra Safari Zoo here. Disneyland was quite the adventure. Two out of the five days we were there in Cali it was freezing, windy and raining, but we came eight hours to go to Disneyland and we were not going to let some rain ruin it. So as we are driving there, it is pouring. Cali downpours, not rains. We paid the parking ticket, got our stroller all loaded up with kids, jackets, blankets and things for the day in the park and got into the elevator. Out of the elevator to the tram, about 20 steps in, we were soaked. Umbrella useless for the most part. Our jeans were sticking to our legs. The kids were dry, except for the part that sticks out of ths stroller, which included their shoes and blankets. So 20 steps in, we decided it would be a miserable day in Disneyland and not to mention a waste of money, if we were miserable. So we turned back.
We decided to stay in the area, just in case it cleared up, but remembering we were in Cali, not Reno, where storms pass in five minutes. We completely lucked out!! In about 20 min, after we had left the park, the skies were clear.
All in all, it turned out to be a fabulous day at the park! Hardly any clouds, weather was ok, but no more rain and man, did we feel the magic this time. We got to meet almost all the princesses there and even met Mary Poppins, Peter Pan and the fairy godmother. We were so thankful the weather cleared up and it was an awesome trip
Thalia turned three finally in May. We had the usual birthday party with all the family, which we love having. We got the her a trampoline for her birthday and a sandbox. Man, if I had knew about this earlier, I never have to entertain kids while I am trying to cook and clean. They all three will play on it for hours, and it has a net, so I can literally lock them on.. j/k
Mercedes had her first dance recital, which many of you came and thank you so much for all the support! She told me she loved to dance on the stage and her favorite part was when everyone clapped for her when she danced. She did a great job and let lose at the end.
Chris got a really cool internship with the Sports Med program at UNR. He starts in August and will be working side by side with the UNR football team, included practices and all their home games. He is really excited for it and so are we. The experience will be great and hopefully opens some doors for the future.
As for me, I have had a great time scheduling out my freetime to spring cleaning, which I really do enjoy and finishing up house projects!
Sorry about the super long post, but I will be posting pictures soon.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Feb on into March

We have had so much fun these last couple of weeks! Lisa and Phil and Sandy came to Reno with the kids. It was so much fun to hang out with them and for Chris to finally meet Sandy. Plus I had not seen Riley since she was a baby. It was fun catching up and spending quality time together. School is still going great,busy but when you enjoy it, it is doable. We just found out that Chris will be able to graduate with me next spring! We are so exicted to continue to accomplish all our main goals together. The first week of March I was able to go to a student career forum in San Fran with a couple of my good friends. We had a blast and were there for three days. It was fun to be able to get away from everything for a while, but it always makes me aprreciate my life back at home. We have had some fun snowstorms that have kept us busy and active. In a few days for spring break and a much needed vacation we are heading down to Southern California to soak up warm weather. We are lucky enough to go to the San Diego Zoo and Disneyland. The kids don't know we are going yet so I am excited to see their faces. I have been working two nights a week for a while now, still a waitress, but finally there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I see that I won't be stuck in it forever. For those of you who don't know, I am partially interning with a designer on the house that my dad is working on and she is lettting me use my skills on the old master bath! It was will be so neat to actually see one of my designs become a reality instead of a color board. I will definently post pictures of that and our vacation next time! Chris's birthday is this weekend, while we will be in California, so last night I threw a surprise party. It, for once, was a success. He is usually a snoop, but he really had no idea. Thanks to everyone who made it! Till next time

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

catching up...

So this is for November and December... sorry, been so behind with everything in life. Everything has been great here. The kids are growing way to quick. I finished up the worst semester, and my intership just in time for the holidays. Chris was able to take off December 24 until Jan. 12 so we had tons of time and catching up together. We were able to reaarrange most rooms in our home and finish some of the projects we started before school started. Chris was able to go back to Mississippi to help Ryan and Shantel get everything packed and drive their second car back. He had a great time and saw some cool sights. He drove 17 hours in one day and knowing him, that is pretty darn impressive! I am really enjoyed just not having to do anything and hang out with the kids more and more. We had so much fun this Christmas in our first home. It was really fun setting up the night before and it was priceless to see their sweet faces in the morning. Every year is better because they understand Christmas and Santa more and more. It was fun being together with the whole family again too. My good friend Kaylynne started up her photography business so we jumped on her great price and she did a great job! Here are a few pictures that she took. If anyone is interested check out her fb page : Kaylynne Kroshus..

Monday, November 15, 2010

October 2010

This month has been so fun! We hav ebeen able to go to the cornmaze, lots of birthdays and of course Halloween! Here are some pics of whats been going on. We are also loving all the leaves in our yard. It's so exciting to be able to rake the leaves at your own house and jump in the piles. We had so many leaves the piles were deep enough to throw the baby in them, gently of course. The girls had a blast dressing up for halloween. They are totally into the princess thing right now so everything is centered around being a princess. Including them using it as an excuse to not do their chores or help out. Mercedes continues to tell me, " Mom, princess do not throw diapers away, and princesses do not clear their plates. Mom, Princesses do not wear socks.... It's pretty funny, but she had learned that princesses do everything we do.

Friday, October 15, 2010

September events

I have never gone to the pumpkin patch one weekend and tahoe the next....Reno
They had abox of corn kernals to play with instead of sand.
Chris matched his son.
Dressing up at the pumpkin patch.
Their first balloon races.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Where to begin??? This has been a crazy month, hence no posts. So school is in full swing now and so it has left me little free time for anything else. I started the semester with my usual 15 credits but this third child has me really thrown. I was way to overwhelmed with some of the basic classes so I decided to put those off and focus on my design classes this semester. It is nice because my mind is completely zoned in on them and I don't have to worry about classes like core humanities and marketing. I also started my internship. I am at a place called ProSource. It is a flooring showroom and by the end of it I will very knowledgable about all floor sn countertops! They sell cheap, cheap but good stuff so if you need new floors come see me! Chris is also very busy at work. He had a week of pathology training that kept him busy and will also lead to another promotion in the near future. He watches the kids tues, wed and thurs. He is Mr. Mom and quite honestly does a better job than me. The house is clean, dinner is sometimes made and always delicious and almost all the laundry is done. He even has master the girls hair. He and Julius have become quite close and Julius would rather hang with dad when he is not hungery. Chris is amazing! The girls are doing great and staying busy. They love to play with each other and often won't let chris and I play with them. Julius is three months now and is even more adorable. He is babbling, very loudly because he has to compete with the girls. He even started giggling. I love him so much and I love having a boy! I will be posting pictures shortly.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


We braved it and took the kids camping. It was so much fun and we didn't even get one bug bite. We went to a place right past Boreal. There was a river right by us and plenty of rocks to climb ob. Julius did great too, he only woke up once during the night. The girls loved it too. They loved getting dirty and fell right to sleep in their new polka dotted sleeping bags. Thanks for such a fun summer family!